I believe in the art of giving and receiving. Both are equally important. In order to give you must be able to receive. In order to receive you must give. Giving from the heart is the best gift to give and receive. Simple acts of pure kindness light me.  

"Choice is the heart of service.  You can serve the world by doing small, unsung actions each day without much difficulty. To name a few: pick up a piece of glass on the sidewalk so that no one cuts themselves; carry away the trash on a hiking trail; move another seat on the bus so that a family can sit together; donate your children's discarded toys to a shelter.  You have the opportunity to serve all day long: at home with the children, at the office with your fellow co-workers, at the yoga studio with your students. The question is, What kind of servant are you: resentful and manipulative, or joyful and inspiring? A simple way to practice service is to find something around your home or work that needs doing and to do it without fanfare. Do not tell anyone that you are going to do it, and do not talk about it afterward…" Judith Hanson Lasater

A few weeks ago, I was walking out of a store, there was an older couple who had purchased a big chair. They were standing out side the store perplexed how to get the chair to their car. I smiled and offered to take the chair to their car, they laughed and said no that is too much. I laughed as I picked the chair up and started walking into the parking lot. They were both laughing the entire way to their car. I did not give them the opportunity to say no. We all three had belly laughs as I hoisted the chair above my head and carried it across the large parking lot. They had a big sedan, there was no possible way the large chair was fitting into the trunk. Together, we got the chair in the backseat of their sedan. They were so grateful. I enjoyed helping. Connection, laughs, friendship was made in a matter of seconds. We are all connected. We can choose to see the good in people or we can choose to live in judgement. I choose love. I choose to be of service and pay it forward to peeps! I choose to be a contributor. I choose to share and connect. 

 Are you ready to share boldly from you heart and pay it forward? Simple acts of kindness go a long way. This is a powerful daily practice and you can start right now. 

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"Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life's deepest joy: true fulfillment." - Tony Robinson

How can you contribute to this planet? How can you be of service every day? How can you pay it forward each day in your community? Explore and discover pay it forward as a daily practice.