Your presence is the gift. - Kristi Taylor


Are you living your life in the present moment? What does this mean? How can you practice and create presence in your life for yourself, your family and friends? How can you give the gift of presence to yourself, your friends and your family? After all, your presence is the gift.

Living your life in the present moment is a priceless gift. In today’s rush, rush, go, go
society it is easy to get caught up in all of the things you need and or want to do. It is easy to
lose sight of being present for the now, the moment right here, right now, not the future, not the past but the now. Practicing presence with yourself, your kids, your friends and business associates is the truest gift. The other day I ran into a good friend of mine, I had not seen her in a long time. It was the worst timing because I had a million things on my action item list to complete that day. But I wanted to catch up with her and hear all that had been going on in her world. In that moment, I made a conscious choice to practice yoga in a way of being present with her and choosing not to be in my head with racing thoughts of all the things I needed to be doing and the places I needed to be. I quieted all the chatter in my head of my to do lists and practiced presence, 110% pure presence of listening, hearing, seeing experiencing my friend. In return, I experienced the gift of everything she was authentically and genuinely sharing with me. I felt empowered and alive after our conversation. I knew I had given the gift of presence to myself and to my friend.

Learning to be present for yourself, fully present in a way that is authentic and genuine is the best gift. Be present for your thoughts and emotions and those around you. Be present for all of your emotions even the not so good emotions, even the very uncomfortable moments. Sometimes we shut down the very emotions we need to feel in order to grow. Learn to be present for each step of your growth and each step of your journey. If you practice presence with yourself you are able to practice presence with your friends, family and others. It is a daily practice and soon it will become a natural habit. See how people start changing their interactions with you when you are truly practicing presence with them. Kids are great to practice true presence with because they feel it when we are not present with them. They will instinctively call us out on it every time. They hold us accountable to our lack of presence with them. Today, commit to yourself one full day to practice a new level of presence with yourself and everyone you encounter. Obeserve and witness how you feel. Then make it a life decision to create presence in your life and know you are giving the best gift ever to yourself and the world!

Namasté my dear friends,

Kristi Taylor | 




Kristi Taylor

I am passionate about using the transformative tools from Baptiste Yoga, AcroYoga, and Thai Massage, to ignite bold leaders, inspire people to fulfill their purpose, and provide tools to each and every person to live a vibrant healthy lifestyle to do everything they desire . I created change in my life leaving a high-powered career inCorporate America fast paced world of Enterprise Software Sales to empowering people to live the life they dream of, igniting bold leaders, transforming lives and cultivating community across the world. It lights me up to share my experiences and passion for Baptiste Yoga and AcroYoga with each and every person I meet. I am an International Presenter, a 500 Hour ERYT Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Certified AcroYoga/Thai Massage teacher. I am the Co-Owner/Director of a sports medicine health and wellness center. I owned and operated a Baptiste Affiliate Studio in Flower Mound, Texas for 6 years. I have been studying, teaching and assisting Baron Baptiste many years. I am a student and a teacher of life. I am blessed and grateful to all of my teachers and students around the world! Yoga has forged a path for me to create a deeper connection to myself and others, opening me up to a new way of being and seeing. I have shifted my vision to what is really important in my life each day and each moment. It lights me up to ignite and inspire others to live outside the parameters of what they thought possible for themselves in their career, their physical body, and their life in general. Igniting and inspiring bold leaders to create a life of living big, cultivating a powerful connected community, full of play and love for all beings, paying kindness forward, loads of laughs everyday transforming lives is what I do. I believe health is our greatest most precious gift. Helping people, transforming lives and giving LOVE is what drives me every single day. Join me on your mat to create change, connection, love, trust, pure play, freedom in your mind, body and life and most important empower you to LIGHT up this world huge. Get busy living or get busy dying. What do you choose today? You are ready now. Meet me on your mat!